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PowerGuard - Free Android Power Management Application

Hello everyone. It has been so long since I made a post. I would like to thank all the subscribers, viewers and developers out there that provided feedback, encouragement and contribution to the ASP.NET CoolGrodView open-source project.

I have made a shift to Android development and therefore I am not doing any active development or update on IdeaSparx CoolGridView at this point in time. Having said that, I would like to announce one of my free Android application called PowerGuard.
PowerGuard defends the battery power of an Android device from power hungry WiFi and 2G/3G data connections. It regulates these WiFi and/or 2G/3G connections based on the need and configuration of a user. It extends battery life to lasts almost twice the amount of time than without it - given the same usage behavior. PowerGuard will always try to connect through WiFi and 2G/3G first. If it is unable to make a connection through WiFi, after some delay it will disable WiFi to conserve more battery power.


★ Choose connection method whether to use WiFi only, 2G/3G only or both.
★ Turn on Wi-Fi/3G only when specific application is opened.
★ Option to ask subtly (using notification bar) if you need internet when an application is opened.
★ Turn on Wi-Fi/3G when device is unlocked. This only works if application monitoring is off.
★ Turn off Wi-Fi/3G when display goes off.
★ Schedule when Wi-Fi/3G should turn on or off every day.
★ Make periodic Wi-Fi/3G connection at specific duration when device's display is off giving the device more time to enter into sleep mode but still give a chance for your emails to synchronize.
★ Hit Emergency Connect in notification to enable Wi-Fi/3G connection for 30mins (configurable) then turns off automatically.
★ Disable Power Guard when certain battery power level is reached.
★ Shows battery level and temperature in notification area.*
★ Shows WiFi and 2G/3G connectivity status in notification area.*
★ Widget to enable or disable Service*
★ Widget to enable or disable Emergency connection to internet.*
★ Widget that displays battery level and temperature.*

*Note: Available in Pro version only

Try it out at Google Playstore. Thank you everyone for your support.

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3 Responses to “PowerGuard - Free Android Power Management Application”

  1. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Can we have an update to powerguard?  

  2. # Anonymous Anonymous

    no free? only pro version ?  

  3. # Anonymous Anonymous

    cannot Free download from Google Play?!  

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