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Data Bind CoolGridView to IQueryable<>

I recently received a question about how to data bind CoolGridView to an object of type IQueryable<> with automatic sorting and paging. CoolGridView extends ASP.NET GridView control. GridView does not directly support DataSource of type IQueryable<>, and the same is true for CoolGridView. We can use LinqDataSource control to bridge the gap. Quickly bind CoolGridView control to IQueryable<> with automatic sorting and paging capability by following these easy steps.

  1. Drop a CoolGridView and a LinqDataSource control into your ASPX page.
  2. In the "Properties" toolbox, set the DataSourceID of CoolGridView to point to your LinqDataSource control. Set the properties of CoolGridView control to the following:
    • AllowPaging : True
    • AllowSorting : True
  3. Handle the "Selecting" event of LinqDataSource
  4. In the "Selecting" event handler, call your method that returns an IQueryable<> object and assign it to the event argument's property "e.Result".
There you have it!

Have a great weekend everyone.

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2 Responses to “Data Bind CoolGridView to IQueryable<>”

  1. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Need some clarification about Collgridview.

    Hi I have found a thing while I have been integrating your dll with my current project. When I run my project I can find out the dll tries to write some information on the website "dwww_objectify_ca.d.chango.com..", that making my web page to slow. How can I remove this from your dll?  

  2. # Blogger John Eric Sobrepena

    CoolGridView has no component that connects to the internet on it's own so I am not even sure what that website is.
    I suggest you download the source code of CoolGridView, compile and include it in your project.  

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